Exchange Club Online Rental Agreement


The Landlord Agrees:

The building and premises will be clean and neat for occupancy by Tenant at the beginning of the rental period. If there are any discrepancies, the Landlord must be notified immediately. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Heating/AC system and appliances will be in operating order at the time of occupancy; however, landlord will not be responsible for any breakdown in these systems. Landlord will make every effort to correct faulty conditions as soon as possible after notification. Refunds of rent or deposit will be made only if the Landlord determines that as a result of the breakdown the building is uninhabitable or grossly unsuitable for the intended use.

The Tenant Agrees:

Upon completion of Tenants use, all doors and windows will be locked. Thermostat left where instructed. The building will be left in the same good condition as when the Tenant took possession. Everything brought into the building must be removed from the premises or placed in the designated trash receptacles by the end of the use period. All tables and chairs shall be clean and returned to the position that they were in when Tenant took possession, or to any other position agreed upon. Tenant is responsible for the acts of any guest, employee, or contractor of the Tenant and agrees to pay the replacement cost of any items broken or missing from the premises. Tenant agrees not to drag chairs, tables or other items across floors in any way that damages floors or finishes. Wax candles are not allowed. Tenant agrees not to use nor interfere with any of the manual, mechanical or electrical equipment in the-building belonging to the Exchange Club except for sinks, stoves, ovens, refrigerator allowed for tenant's use, rest rooms and the thermostat for the Heating/AC system. Tenant agrees to pay to the Landlord any charges (including legal and/or collection costs) for any damage or cleaning necessary as a result of Tenant's occupancy. Tenant further authorizes Landlord to charge damages to card on file. Damages and Labor will be charged at cost. In the event charges are necessary. Tenant will be provided with an itemized list of these charges.

This agreement may not be assigned nor shall the premises be sub-let with out written consent of Landlord.

In the event Tenant cancels this agreement, the initial deposit will be forfeited to Landlord as a service charge for processing this contract and holding the date open for Tenant.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

Isle of Palms Exchange Club is the owner of a parcel of land designated as The Isle of Palms Exchange Club, located at 201 Palm Blvd Isle of Palms, SC 29451. (The property); and Isle of Palms Exchange Club has entered into an rental agreement wherein has certain rights to said property, including the right to access and all entry points; Therefore, for valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does hereby agree to fully and completely indemnify and hold The Isle of Palms Exchange Club harmless for any and all acts, incidents, claims, causes of action, from any activity conducted on the property, without limitation, by tenant or any third party, which could or would give rise to the assertion of a claim against Isle of Palms Exchange Club.

Member rentals:

If members rent at the discounted member rate, member agrees to be present during the entire rental period and agrees to take responsibility for all matters of the rental.

By booking a rental at the Isle of Palms Exchange club and paying a deposit, tenant agrees to all terms and conditions.