Our History

The Exchange Club is a national service club of men and women who perform service projects in their community through programs of service for youth, Americanism, and our National service project, the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Established in 1948, the Exchange Club on the Isle of Palms was instrumental in the development of the Isle of Palms and continues to be a pillar of the community. The club provided the first means of mosquito control for the island residents and financed and provided staff for the Island’s first fire wagon. In 1952, the Exchange Club sponsored the organization of a volunteer fire department, all before the incorporation of the city of the Isle of Palms.

In 1953, a thriving community existed on the Isle of Palms with the residents channeling their energies and dollars toward civic needs, including building a new children’s playground. In 1961, on land donated b J.C. Long, the current club house was built at cost of $10,000. The older white street signs on the island were provided by the Exchange Club.
The Club also supported the first church on the island, an interdenominational group that met at the Exchange Club building, and sponsored the construction of a 2,100 foot long airport which provided a landing filed for light aircraft. The land is now being used as a golf course on Waterway Boulevard.

The Exchange Club works in partnership with the city for many activities, including sponsoring teams at the recreation center, running the food booth at the Low country Blues Bash and hosting the annually Isle of Palms Connector Run and Walk for the Child.